Wednesday, January 29, 2014

When Daddy Goes to the Store

East Tennessee has been hit with a blast of snow and cold. Since my husband was already out when the snow was falling, I sent him to the store. Here is my list: 1) hair conditioner 2) milk 3) sugar 4) chocolate chip cookie dough Now, you must understand, my husband is a big kid at heart. When he grocery shops, the cart is a collection of favorites from his childhood, and stuff I do not buy very often. My kids absolutely LOVE when Daddy goes to the store! So, here is what he bought: 1) everything on my list 2) quart of ice cream 3) ice cream sandwiches 4) fudgecicles 5) pork rinds 6) 3 boxes of cereal 7) 2 boxes of donuts 8) 2 jars of nuts in syrup (for ice cream) 9) small can of biscuit dough (because he like raw dough) 10) pudding 11) Little Debbie cakes 12) Fritos 13) chips 14) pretzels 15) sandwich bread 16) Sundrop My kids are in heaven!

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