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What to feed hungry firefighters by J.J. Cook

What to feed hungry firefighters
By J.J. Cook
From Playing with Fire
Book #2 in the Sweet Pepper Fire Brigade Mysteries

Firefighters have as many problems deciding what to make for dinner as anyone else. The only difference is that they have to feed a large group of hungry men and women who might have to leave at any moment, and not come back for several hours..

One dish that is popular in Sweet Pepper, Tennessee is pepper/tomato stew. We have an abundance of tomatoes and peppers that people like to can after the summer, and donate to the firehouse. 

That's great because we can use them at any time.

Soups and stews are popular  - so is pizza. The best foods are ones that can be warmed up easily after coming back from a call - if necessary. This tomato/pepper stew fits the bill.

Making tomato/pepper stew

Use a large skillet to saute one medium onion, thinly sliced, in two tablespoons of vegetable oil. add one pound of your favorite peppers - around here, we like the spicy ones! But you can also use bell peppers. Cook for fifteen minutes. Onion and peppers should be soft.

Add three ripe tomatoes (medium size or larger) that are peeled and chopped. Add one teaspoon salt (or salt substitute) and one teaspoon of sugar (or sugar substitute). Then add one teaspoon sweet Hungarian paprika. Let cook another twenty minutes. It will look like chunky salsa when it is finished.

This is good as a side dish, or with chicken or beef added to it. It heats up easily in the microwave, if you have to leave in a hurry, and like many tomato-based dishes, tastes even better later!

Read about the Sweet Pepper Fire Brigade, and get some of their recipes! 

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