Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Naked In The Kitchen

No, dear god, not me. Dreadful thought.

I'm talking about Naked Juice, my new bes' frien'.

My mother has a g-tube and only "eats" liquid nutrition through it. She was on commercial formula, but it didn't agree with her. So her doctor suggested we try Naked Juice and protein shakes and see if she improved. If she did, the doctor would put us together with a nutritionist.

Well, Mom has improved! She still doesn't feel very lively, but she's much better than she was on the commercial blend.

I get a selection of Naked Juice juices and protein blends, then mix them. They would probably taste pretty nasty by mouth, but she can't taste them, so she gets the benefits without having to worry about the taste.

I've also found the Real Food For Real People site, with nutritional advice and recipes for "tubies".

Mom would just as soon have commercial nutrition, because it's easy, but I'm planning on blending her some nice stuff and leaving it in her refrigerator, so it'll be easier than opening a can of commercial stuff.

I've tasted her protein shake, and that sucka's GOOD.

So here I go, on another food adventure! Do you do balanced blended foods? Have a favorite recipe?

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