Monday, December 16, 2013

What is your favorite holiday cookie? by Joyce Lavene

What is your favorite holiday cookie?
By Joyce Lavene

Cookies are an important holiday tradition for me. I remember helping my mother make cookies when I was a kid. Christmas was the only time we made so many beautiful and elaborate cookie treats. They were sealed away in pretty tins and kept aside for the big day.

Of course, my brother and I always knew where to find them, and we sneaked more than a few. But we'd carefully arrange them so it looked as though none were missing. I'm sure we weren't fooling my mother - but it added to the fun and excitement of the holiday.

My mother made chocolate chip cookies and sugar cookies that we frosted and decorated. She also made almond crescents, snicker-doodles, egg white cookies and cookies pressed from a tube. She made layer cookies and elaborate cookies that had to be baked and cooled before each part was added.

I am nowhere near the cook and baker my mother was, but I enjoy making cookies. I don't make all the different varieties or put in as much time thinking and collecting recipes as she did. I still make chocolate chip cookies - thanks to Nestle's sugar-free chocolate chips, oatmeal cookies, and almond crescents.

My challenge this year is going to be trying to keep everything sugar-free. I'm still hoping to eat some almond crescents, which are my favorite cookies. It's not easy to powder Splenda, but I'm determined to try.

I'll let you know how it goes.

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