Monday, December 2, 2013

Are you a baked white or sweet (yam) potato person? Comment and win a copy of Hero's Journey!

Hero's Journey
An E-Novella in the sweet Pepper Fire Brigade Mysteries
 By J.J. Cook
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It's always the same story at Thanksgiving.

There is stuffing and cranberries, and for some, the turkey or goose.

But do you choose baked white potatoes, mashed potatoes, cheesy potato casserole, or sweet potatoes?

I'm sure your choice says something about you as a person.

People who choose yams (sweet potatoes) are more outgoing and likely to try unusual things.

People who choose mashed potatoes are afraid of spiders.

Baked white? Likely to be past class presidents or football players.

Cheesy potato casserole? Let's just say that you have to watch out for these people!

Which potato eater are you?


fermentum said...

I am a sweet potato eater. Baked potato's are fine, and I eat any and ALL! But if I HAD to choose.... I will pick Sweet every time!

petite said...

I enjoy Baked Potatoes especially during the winter.