Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Throwing a Con-fit

As I'm posting on my blog today, I made a pork confit to produce some food to take to Context Alternate Realities convention this past weekend. Here are the dishes I made from the finished roast, in addition to sliced meat for sandwiches.

 Some of the roast was too tender to slice, so I took the shreds and bits and mixed in a cube of Knorr brand chipotle which I got cheap because it was discontinued. It's lovely, and just perfectly hot.

I had also taken some corn tortillas, since my roommate at the convention is gluten-intolerant, and she brought some sharp cheddar, so we were very happy campers.

I cooked the roast with onions, garlic, and sweet apples, and the end product, after the meat and fat were removed, were these.
Cooked stuff and what we call, around these parts, pot-likker.

I sautéed a pound of white button mushrooms in a dry pan until they stopped giving off liquid, then added the onions/garlic/apples and a bit of the fat. After that had cooked down a bit, I added the meat juices and heated it all, stirring, until the liquid was almost gone.

The result was an intensely flavored little package of yummy goodness. You can see the deliciousness twinkling off of every morsel.

The convention was a great success, by the way. We had a terrific time, met lots of friends, old and new, and sold books hand over fist. What's not to like?

All that plus a new cooking technique for me, and I declare the whole adventure a 10 on the make-me-happy scale.

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