Friday, October 11, 2013

Ronald WHO Ruined Halloween?

In an October 2011 article from, the magazine did an expose on five people who screwed things up for everybody. In fact, the title of the article is 5 People Who Screwed Things Up For Everybody. I suggest you read it so you'll know who to shake your fist at the next time you encounter a computer virus or see an impossibly beautiful model in a magazine photo.

But in this post, I'm going to focus on Ronald Clark O'Bryan who, according to, ruined Halloween. Prior to Ronald Clark O'Bryan, children could go to neighbors' houses and get homemade candy, cookies, or popcorn balls. After RCO, parents began examining their children's candy.

This fear can be traced back to O'Bryan who laced Pixie Stix with cyanide in order to kill his eight-year-old son to cash in on a $40,000 life insurance policy. He gave the candy to the children his son went trick-or-treating with, but they suffered no harm. O'Bryan was caught and executed. But from then on, the unthinkable became a possibility. O'Bryan took the innocence from a fun rite-of-passage.

Cracked reports that since that incident, there have been a couple of isolated cases of candy poisoning, but none that have been random. Says Robert Evans, the author of the piece, "So, we guess the moral of the story is: If someone is going to poison your child's Halloween candy, chances are it's going to be you."

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