Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Foodie with a Smart Phone

I have joined the rest of the modern world! Just about everyone else I know has owned a smart phone for years. Finally, I caved in and got one.
I never realized how much I needed a smart phone! As a foodie, I love how nice it is to use for grocery shopping. The following three things are particularly useful for grocery shopping:
1) I keep my grocery list on my IPhone. Now, my list is always with me. Certain items, like fruit and milk, stay on the list. My list is organized by layout of the store.
2) I can look up recipes while I am in the store. If a particular item is on sale, I can Google it as a recipe ingredient and get a slew of recipes.
3) My regular store allows me to load coupons onto my loyalty card. I can go to the store's site to see what coupons are loaded.
Does anybody else have a favorite use for their smartphone in the grocery store?

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Marian Allen said...

I'm at least one step behind you: I don't have a smartphone yet. Thanks for the tips on ways to use it in the grocery. I'll be following this post, hoping for more good ideas! :)

Marian Allen
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