Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Falling Back in Love with Sam

My youngest began preschool this fall. This has allowed me to begin seeing Sam again. I have loved Sam ever since he moved to my area. For many years, we enjoyed lengthy and regular visits.
After having kids, my visits with Sam began decreasing. It just was not as much fun once I had kids tagging along.
I am refering to SAMs Club. It is NOT a fun place to take small children! Navigating the enormous warehouse with a little one is overwhelming and over stimulating.
Skylar beginning preschool has given me a few hours a week to run errands by myself. While I miss my little sidekick, it sure is nice to resume my visits with Sam!
I forgot what a tremendous selection of food is offered at SAMS Club; and do not get me started on the food samples they hand out!
Oh, how I missed this place. Sam, I might have stayed away for too long; but my love for you burns strong ad ever!

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