Monday, October 7, 2013

Creepy Halloween Food - By Joyce Lavene

Creepy Halloween Food
By Joyce Lavene
From A Finder's Fee
Book 5 in the Missing Pieces Mysteries

Creepy Halloween Food has become an expected part of Halloween holidays. Ever since the first Halloween party where someone made a ice mold hand out of a rubber glove to float in a bowl of punch, it's only been getting worse.

Now, it's not just creepy - we've crossed into gross and disgusting.

Bat cookies? - not good enough unless they're gushing blood or someone has cut their heads off.

Monster hands? Not unless they're made with burnt meatloaf.

Pastry intestines? Okay. Cream cheese head split open with red jello brains inside? Nice!

Who wants to eat cookie lungs that have cancer with black frosting? I thought wormy spaghetti was bad enough!

But to each his, or her, own. My daughter makes delicious witch's fingers with peanut butter cookie dough and uses almond for the nails. We once made a whole body out of lunch meat and cheese and put clothes on it.

What is your favorite scary or gross food that you make for Halloween parties? Let me know and I'll feature it here!

 Joyce Lavene

A Finder's Fee - Seaside, supernatural mystery!

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Lisa Hall said...

I go more for "cute" with Halloween food. My kid love clementines in their lunch box with jack-o-lantern faces drawn on them.