Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Couponing for the Rest of Us

I amazed whenever I see "Extreme Couponers" on TLC. It is an astounding feat of mathematical calculations and organization when someone leaves the grocery store with 3 months worth of goods and pays little-to-nothing.
For those of us who do not have the time, organizational skills or degree in mathematics; I have some tips. I manage to save a very reasonable, but helpful $5-$15 per shopping trip:
1) Do not resort to crazy dumpster-diving in order to obtain coupons. Clip from magazines and Sunday circulars.
2) Subscribe to an online coupon site.
3) If you have a customer loyalty card, see if your store has a way to download coupons to your card.
4) Organize coupons in order that you go through the store.
Happy saving!

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