Monday, October 28, 2013

Apples and Halloween! by Joyce Lavene

Apples and Halloween
By Joyce Lavene 

Apples and Halloween are forever linked. Part of the reason for this is that apples are harvested in the fall. Of course the more plentiful the fruit, the more games, and dishes we’d find to make with it.

But what about bobbing for apples?

It was cold during our recent Halloween party and we opted for ‘bobbing’ for apples hung on strings from the doorway. No one wanted to go out in the cold with a wet head!

Most people believe apple bobbing goes back to Irish and Scottish rituals around the time of Samhain, the old religion. It wasn't just a game, but also a form of divination.

The apples were thrown into the water, and after catching one (hands free), you were supposed to peel it and circle your head with it before throwing it over your shoulder. Doing this was supposed to reveal the initial of your true love’s name.

For some reason, apples have been at the core of superstition and myth. The apple in the Garden of Eden – the witch making poison apples in the fairy tale There were golden apples in Greek and Norse mythology.

Maybe it was the common aspect of apples. Everyone knew what apples were. 

When I was a child, people frequently gave apples in your trick or treat bag. That doesn't happen much anymore after the 'razor' scare of the 1970s. I admit it wasn't my favorite treat. Who wants something that we all know is good for you?

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