Wednesday, September 25, 2013

More Tips for School Visits

This morning, I am going to make another school visit. My group today will be made up of Pre-k students. Thus, I have more school visit tips for authors:
1) Adjust your presentation according to age/grade level.
2) Align some of your discussion to curriculum. Find out information on curriculum by talking to teachers, looking as school websites or referring to State Department of Education website.
3) Allow for questions from students. Remember asking a "question" often means making a "statement" to a young child. You may have to cut-off and redirect when the begin sharing stories instead of asking questions.
4) You probably will not have time to answer every question students want to ask. Also, some students will try and monopolize the whole time by constantly raising their hands. "I'm going to move on" and "I'm going to call on someone who hasn't asked a question" are useful phrases.
5) Show unabashed enthusiasm for writing! You are there to get them excited about writing.
6) Have fun. Kids can sense when a grownup is uncomfortable.

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