Friday, September 13, 2013


In...honor...of Friday the Thirteenth, here are some links to some pretty nasty foods:

First up from PopSugar, 13 Foods for Freaky Friday. Don't look at this if you're eating. And, by the way, I never knew what sweetbread was. If asked on a quiz show, I'd have said a sweet, yummy bread like blueberry or pumpkin bread. I know those are known as quick breads, but still...they're sweet and they're bread. I would not have dreamed it had anything to do with cow intestines! :( I'll stick with my pumpkin bread, thank you very much.

Courtesy of Cake Wrecks, here are 6 Cakes Creepier Than the Giant Olympics Baby - Forgive the untimeliness of the reference, but these cakes were too icky to pass up for a Friday the 13th post.

And, one last link: Here are some kid-friendly creepy recipes from Food Network.

Happy Friday the 13th!!!!

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Jill said...

Those cakes are bizarre/hilarious/disturbing!!!