Tuesday, August 27, 2013

#Vegan Couscous Salad

So we had a family party, and of course our vegetarians, almost-vegetarians, vegans, and almost-vegans were there, so I made this salad. I started by cooking a box of Near East pearled couscous with roasted garlic and olive oil. The pearled couscous is kind of big, which everybody loved.

I had been to the farmers' market the day before, so I cut up and added some green peppers, cucumbers, and several kinds of heirloom tiny tomatoes. I meant to also add some diced red onions, but I forgotted.

From our garden, I got some mint, basil, and parsley, and chopped it very fine and mixed it in.

Then I made a vinaigrette for it with one part acid (lime juice), one part water, one part olive oil, a little salt, and more chopped mint. Know how to make a vinaigrette that doesn't separate? You mix everything but the oil, then very slowly add the oil while you whisk with a fork or a balloon whisk.

(Even though that last link goes to a joint called Gourmet, you don't have to be a gourmet to have a balloon whisk. I have a buncha these guys, including a wooden one for using in non-stick pots and weee eeeentsy beeentsy teeeensy one, which I used for this vinaigrette.)

All that stuff on the top is basil, parsley, and oregano from the garden. It looked very pretty in person.

The salad was a success, even with the omnivores among us.

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