Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Oh My Goodness

My friend Jane and I went to a coffee shop in Louisville, Kentucky, where we have rewards cards. I've bought so many cups of coffee there, I got the award of a free dessert.


So we rubbed our noses on the glass like all little children do, and picked this one to split.
Look at that baby!

It looks a bit more pallid than it was in real life, because it had a hygienic bit of plastic wrapped around its middle.

The bottom layer was chocolate cake, then a layer of chocolate fluff, then a layer of white fluff, then a layer of light chocolate fluff, then a thin layer of chocolate ganache. The little white spheres were edible. The brown stick thing was chocolate. The orange disk thing was white chocolate with an edible ink design on it. The white stick was a bit puzzling: it wasn't edible. Outrageous, really. Why wasn't it edible? I mean, I suppose we COULD have eaten it, but it wouldn't have been at all nice.

And did I mention it was free?

Life can be sweet, sometimes.

Marian Allen
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Jean said...

I cannot believe I did not comment on this. I have a cake, which I ate all by myself (only the frosting) --well, it is a little photo I took-- posted on my sidebar now! I loved that cake! Finally I got to eat most of it. Finally my family realized how much I wanted that cake.
I have tried to write my name on things, and tried to hide things in the freezer, and even gone so far as writing , "Jim do not eat this! Jean!" on things.
But somehow my wishes are ignored. Until that cake.
Do you know the story "The Secret Sharer"?
I am not a good sharer.
love, jean xox

Marian Allen said...

Ah, Jean, yes, I see the sad remains of your cake!

Guy goes into a bar and orders a beer. He's just had a sip when he realizes he needs to use the men's room. Afraid somebody will drink his beer while he's gone, he puts a sign on it: I spit in this beer. When he gets back, the beer is still there, but somebody has written on the sign: So did I.