Wednesday, August 28, 2013

There's More to a Book than its Cover

Almost every town has at least one. We pass by them, assuming they are on drugs, lazy or just plain crazy.
Truth is, we have no idea. What is the story behind that ragged man or woman walking the streets of your town? My friend, JS Moore, tells the story of one such man. 
HAGGARD HARRY AND THE FISHER KING is the story of Kingsport, Tennessee's Harry Bowyer. To most, Harry appears to be nothing but a vagrant. JS Moore discovered that Harry has quite an impressive story.
Through his conversations with Boyer, Moore discovers that Harry had a career. That career included serving in the military, becoming an attorney and serving as a judge. That was before Harry left the practice of law, and broke from mainstream society. 
Harry left it all behind to live a simpler life. He sees the change as his way of serving God and boldly witnessing to others. 
He is not actually homeless. Harry's roaming of downtown and disheveled appearance have simply caused people to assume he does not have a place to live. 
We assume and we judge; but we really have no idea. We do not know anything about another person until their story had been told!

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