Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Crusty Charlie - My New Favorite Snack

My husband, Charlie, came up with this one, and we both dote on it.

Our #2 daughter keeps chickens and brings us fresh eggs, so we eat (perhaps more than we should) egg sandwiches. Charlie has become the unofficial Egg Sandwich Sheriff, and the dish includes this on the side.

  • Cut the crusts off four pieces of bread and set them aside.
  • Make fried egg sandwiches (fry eggs and put them between slices of bread).
  • Put more butter (or vegan margarine) in the pan and add the crusts.
  • Fry the crusts until they soak up all the butter. 
  • To make them extra good, sprinkle them with cheese and let that melt and fry, too.

Fellers, I'm telling you, this stuff is tasty!

Marian Allen
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