Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A New Show for Foodies

Have you ever wondered how your favorite supermarket products made their way to the shelf? Beyond that, do you understand why those products appeal to you as a consumer?
Lifetime Network has a new show that answers many questions about supermarket products. SUPERMARKET SUPERSTAR is a program where contestants try to get their products on the grocery store shelf.  The contestants bring their ideas for new food products to a panel of experts who make suggestions to give them mass-market appeal.
Contestants then take the experts' suggestions to the kitchen; improving things like taste or price point. Next, a consumer panel evaluates each product.
After the evaluation, one contestant is eliminated. The remaining two contestants meet with experts in marketing, design and packaging.
Finally, they present their products to a buyer for a large supermarket chain. The buyer chooses the episode's winner. Later in the season, episode winners compete to have their product picked up by the supermarket chain. 
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