Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Top 5 List of Fun With Broccoli

How can you have fun with broccoli? I hear you ask.

  1. Take pictures of it.
  2. Mix florets with mayonnaise and raisins (and maybe walnuts) to make a salad.
  3. Blanch florets until they're bright green and crisp-tender and mix them with sliced hard-boiled eggs for a hot dish.
  4. Save the stems, peel off the hard outer layer, chop them and use them in stirfry. 
  5. Stick them upright in pot pies and pretend you're serving a desert island with one lone tree.
Okay, maybe not so much fun. But I'll bet it was more fun than you expected from a top 5 list of fun with broccoli. Admit it. Okay then: lie to me.

I got this beautiful broccoli at the local farmers' market, and that was fun enough for me. It calls for delicate timing, getting there just as the merchants set out the fresh produce but before the ravening horde of other locavores descends on them. I was a winner this week. Next week: who knows?

Marian Allen
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