Friday, June 7, 2013

TJ Maxx Has Gourmet Foods!

Who knew? Well, some of you reading this probaby did. I didn't realize TJ Maxx sold food items other than holiday gift items or front-of-the-store things like jelly beans. I went browsing through TJ Maxx the other day. In the home section, I found (and bought) organic green tea, basil sea salt, pumpkin seeds, bottled water from Kiwaii, and semolina pasta from Italy!

The basil sea salt was particularly tasty on my spinach omlette Sunday morning. :) And I'm looking forward to trying the semolina pasta soon.

During my TJ Maxx shopping excursion, I also saw a Kate Spade bag for $160 (I think I'm remembering that correctly. It wasn't over that amount.). It was a considerable markdown, but I still thought it was too much to pay for a purse...even if it was big and roomy...and really cute. My willpower is impressive, no? :) I really hope some lucky shopper has snapped it up by the time I'm in that store again.

What are some unusual or unlikely places where you've found food bargains?

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