Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Secrets Revealed About Tomato Pie!

I knew there was a secret! As it turns out, there are many. What kind of secrets am I talking about? The secrets to making a tomato pie that isn't soggy-schmoggy! We don't have any fresh tomatoes yet, so I haven't tried this, but you bet I'm going to!

I did a web search and found this beautifully illustrated how-to at Cottage at the Crossroads.

The various secrets I found are
  1. put the tomatoes on a paper towel (or a cloth towel, I suppose), sprinkle them with salt, and let that sog drain away
  2. brush the bottom of the crust with spicy brown mustard to hold any residual sog away from the crust and bake 10 minutes before filling
  3. brush the bottom of the crust with egg white and bake it 10 minutes before filling
  4. use roma tomatoes
  5. seed the tomatoes
So I WILL be trying this again this year, especially since I've found a local dairy farm that makes cheese and I make my own mayonnaise from the eggs of my grandchickens.

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