Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Snacks for Day (and Night) at the Ballpark

This is our first year of having a kid playing in softball tournaments. Before, Calli has had a game (ONE game) on game day. Tournament days include at least two (probably more) games with breaks in-between.
Last Saturday was Calli's first-ever tournament. When I saw folks with big, rolling coolers; I knew there was an art to preparing for tournament days. Suddenly, the small cooler of drinks and bag of snacks I brought seemed a bit inadequate.
After game #2, we were #1 seed. That meant at least 2 more games and a long break.
During the break, we got lunch and made a stop at the grocery store to get enough snacks, drinks and ice for the rest of the day. Some Italian Ice and popcorn from the concession stand rounded out our snacks over the next few hours and 4 games.
This Saturday, I will be completely prepared. My plan is to bring:
almonds, fruit, pb&j sandwiches, Italian Ice cups, wheat crackers, string cheese, fruit snacks, a thermos of pasta salad, cheese popcorn, water, sparkling water, sports drinks and soda.
My combo of healthy food and complete junk will get us through the day. What do you pack for a long day of family fun?

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