Monday, June 3, 2013

Peaches a'plenty! By Joyce Lavene

Peaches a'plenty
By Joyce Lavene
from A Thyme to Die
Book 6 of the Peggy Lee Garden Mysteries
Available now at Amazon Kindle

It's becoming that peachy time of year! South Carolina peaches are arriving at the produce stands. I live in North Carolina and we'll have peaches a little later. Right now, I want to take advantage of every flavorful morsel.

Fresh peaches smell like summer to me. There are so many things you can do with them, but the best way is to eat them warm from the tree where you just picked them. A fruit or veggie is at its most flavorful when it hasn't been refrigerated.

Produce stands and farmer's markets are the next best way to get them. Usually the owner, or farmers, drop off their produce here and you can get them much fresher and faster than you can at the local supermarket.

But back to the peaches.

Not everyone likes fresh fruit. Sometimes I have to disguise fresh peaches in salads (I think some people can't tell the difference between tomatoes and peaches). I cut them up into slices and put them out on the table with a meal and they go pretty quickly too.

I also like to make fresh peach ice cream. No, I don't have an ice cream churn. I actually cut up the peaches and add them to ice cream. You know I'm all about the convenience, right? Can you imagine me churning ice cream for hours? I don't think so.

So I let a half gallon of vanilla ice cream get a little soft while I blend wash, cut and blend four or five peaches. I don't puree, but barely blend so there are peach parts.

I add the ice cream to the blended peaches and refreeze. Wow! This is so good and so easy!


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