Friday, March 1, 2013

Sneaky March!

Did March sneak up on you guys the way it snuck up on me? Here I am plodding along through February, and then the month abruptly ended! The stuff I usually do at the end of the month hasn't been done. The stuff I need to do at the first of the month hasn't been done. The laundry needs to be tackled. Groceries need to be bought. Plus, tonight is the opening night of my daughter's play. Part of me wants to go back to bed and hide.

My plan of action for the day is 1) do blog posts for the month of March (ten in all), 2) do laundry in between blog posts, 3) run to the grocery store (with a list), 4) do computer backup, 5) go by Subway to pick up dinner. And that's how I make this particular blog post come back around to food.

Have you tried Subway's chopped salads? The preparer takes all your salad-y stuff (I prefer ham, turkey breast, lettuce, spinach, onion, cheese, and tomato) and chops it up. I love it and wonder why I never thought about it before. I typically end up picking the "good stuff" out of my salads and leaving the biggest part of it behind. This way, every bite you take has the "good stuff" along with the "not-so-great-but-good-for-you stuff" so nothing goes to waste.

Try one. Tell them I sent you. Maybe Subway will make me their chopped salad spokesperson and pay me the big bucks...or in chopped salads. :)

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