Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My Wish is to Love Fish!

I am haunted by a terrible childhood memory!  At the age of five, I developed a curiosity about oysters. My kindergarten teacher had talked about eating them, and I had to give oysters a try.
At that time, the area where we live was much less developed. Fresh seafood was not widely available to us.
In order to indulge my oyster curiosity, my mom took me to a fast food seafood chain. I anxiously pulled a fried oyster out my little cardboard box, anticipating something scrumptious. Instead, I bit into what seemed like a ball of tar.
Until that time, I had loved eating flounder. Afterwards, I stopped eating seafood altogether for a few years.
Gradually, I have added shrimp and some crab dishes into my diet. Fish still makes me cringe a little.
I see that my fish phobia is depriving me and my family of the nutritients and variety that fish can bring to our diets.
A few  years ago, I tried some blackened catfish my brother made. I thought it tasted good in a spicy, non-fishy way.  I should have continued eating fish after that, but my general disdain still kept me from making fish a regular part of my diet. 
Tonight, I am making blackened catfish. Hopefully this dish will forever change how I feel about fish.
Here's the recipe:

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