Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Best. Skillets. EVER!

I know -- I sound like a commercial Lady:

Are you tired of your "non-stick" skillets sticking ... chipping ... peeling? Are you tired of having to either spend a fortune or replace skillets every six months -- or both? Are you tired of not being able to cook above medium heat, for fear of releasing toxic fumes? 

ME: Hella yeah!

So I broke down and bought three different sizes of Green Pan. They're coated with ceramic rather than Teflon or whatever other sad trash the pans I've been getting are sprayed with.

I brought them home, pretty sure I'd get buyer's remorse the first time I used one.

But you know what? THEY REALLY WORK!

Even heating -- check!
Gorgeous browning -- check!
No sticking -- check!
Easy cleaning -- check!
No chipping or peeling -- check!

My husband even said -- and, as God is my witness, this is a direct quote, "Cooking is a pleasure with these pans."

Mr. and Mrs. Commercial Couple! ~cue the Twilight Zone music~

Marian Allen
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1 comment:

Gayle said...

I'll have to look for these! We're hard on skillets. :)