Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Good Use For A Dead Biscuit

We had one big fat biscuit left over. Being the folks we are, we each left it for the other one until it got thoroughly stale and inedible. So we ate it.

Here's how:

I broke it up and poured melted butter over it. Then I added some raisins and chopped pecans. Then I beat together an egg, some milk, a little sugar, vanilla, and cinnamon, and poured than in and stirred it all around. I put it in the microwave for about three minutes. The result was this. Biscuit Pudding, I guess. Like Bread Pudding, but with a stale biscuit instead of stale bread.

It was DELICIOUS! I couldn't eat all of my half, so I saved it for the next day, breaking it up and adding some vanilla almond milk before I heated it in the microwave, and it was EVEN BETTER.

Sometimes, it pays to be waste-not-want-not.

Marian Allen
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Gayle said...

That sounds really good!