Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Sneaky, Green, Kid-Approved Fake-Out

My title sounds like this post might be taking off in the direction of gross. It is only gross if you detest the thought of eating spaghetti or spinach. As a way to add more veggies to my family's diet, I sneak things like carrots and celery into my spaghetti sauce.

So, this weekend, when I spotted a bag of baby spinach in the fridge; I chopped some up for my spaghetti sauce. While simmering, the bits of spinach withered down to bits that resembled

My husband does not eat cooked spinach and enjoys leftovers about as much as, well, cooked spinach. Imagine my delight when he wanted spaghetti for three dinners and a lunch. On top of that, Todd declared it one of my BEST batches of spaghetti EVER!

My daughter had two friends over who each had a second helping. This was after I revealed my secret ingredient.

What is your favorite healthy ingredient that you sneak into recipes?

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