Tuesday, January 15, 2013


January is the time of catalogs. We have enough catalogs to paper a room, if we wanted to do that. We don't, just so you know.

Here's some information I've gathered about seeds:

Grains, beans, legumes and nuts are all seeds; spices are often whole or ground seeds. 

Sprouted alfalfa seeds on a sandwich make me happy and make my husband complain about eating grass, and sprouted mung beans do the same to salads and stir fry. 

We snack on sunflower seeds, mix caraway seeds into rye bread dough, sprinkle poppy seeds on buns and stir them into lemon cake. 

Our earliest ancestors ate oil-rich seeds whenever they could get them. Toasted pumpkin and squash seeds are delicious and high-calorie treats. A cup of toasted squash or pumpkin seeds has almost 750 calories, and that's without the butter I toss them in before toasting. 

Seeds are also little miracles of life, nifty little packages of potential food and beauty. Amazing!

Marian Allen

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