Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Saving The Spuds

I love, love, LOVE baked potatoes. So I made some the other evening. As always, I didn't just make enough for the meal; while I had the oven all hot, I baked a buncha spuds.

Charlie said, "Not very good. They're dry." Well, they were Russets, which are supposed to be dry. Makes them nice to doctor up with butter and sour cream. But he doesn't do that, so he didn't like the potatoes.

The next day, I sliced one of the baked potatoes and fried it.

"Even drier," sez Charlie.

So here I am with two massive baked Russets and a husband who rejects them. What to do?

Easy peasy! I cut them in quarters and scooped out the innards, cut them into cubes, and put them in a pan with lots of margarine and some milk and heated them through. They were creamy and delicious, with enough bite left in them to be most satisfactory.

Charlie? "Let's have this again."

~fist pump~ YES!

Marian Allen
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