Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Have a Bubbly, Sparkly 2013!

New Year's Eve was WILD at our house! We had pizza and  apple pie. As the night went on, we indulged in chips and dip. Finally, to toast the New Year, we drank a whole bottle of sparkly! There was yelling and screaming, rockin' music and pretty blond girls running all around the house. 
Yes, it was a celebration with the kids. The yelling and screaming was  done while watching football. Rockin' music was compliments of ABC's New Year's Eve Special. The pretty blonds were my girls, and the sparkly stuff was sparkling grape juice, which the kids thought was just so sophisticated and fun.   
As we sipped the sparkly, I remembered having punch at a wedding that tasted just like the bottled sparkling grape juice. It was simply made from grape juice and ginger ale. I think a nice garnish would be some frozen grapes. 
Try this punch for your next celebration. I think you will like it.
Happy 2013!   

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