Monday, January 28, 2013

Green beans that will stop a vampire! By Joyce Lavene

Garlic Green Beans!

I love those green beans they make in Chinese restaurants. Unfortunately, they're made with oyster sauce and being vegetarian, I'm not going to eat that.

So I came up with own recipe for garlic green beans which I think is just as good and no oysters were harmed in the making. It's a good way to make your green beans flavorful instead of drab.

Combine one tablespoon sesame oil in a large skillet (low heat) with two sliced cloves of garlic. The slicing is very important. The cloves can't be crushed to get the right effect. Add one tablespoon of sugar or sweetener equivalent and four tablespoons of soy sauce.

Add about one pound of fresh, trimmed green beans (washed and dried). Cook until the green beans start to soften. Cover the pan, if you can, and it will be faster. Delicious side dish!

This is even better if you add some little shallots. Cook the same way with the green beans.

Joyce Lavene

Look for some upcoming hot and spicy pepper recipes as April begins drawing nearer with the release of my first Sweet Pepper Fire Brigade Mystery, That Old Flame of Mine. The series takes place in Sweet Pepper, Tennessee, home of the sweetest, hottest peppers in the world. Every October heralds the Sweet Pepper Festival where the recipes are imaginative, and made of all things pepper!

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