Monday, December 31, 2012

Looking forward to the New Year!

I am looking forward to 2013! I always look forward to the new year - all that fresh paper waiting to be written on! I know there will be more stories than I can tell, surprises that I couldn't imagine, and plenty of good food to eat!

I should probably eat a little less of all that good food, and maybe I will. I'm not good at resolutions. Either it works for me or it doesn't. I'm not so good at deciding what I should do WAY before I should do it.

I DO have a new exercise routine in mind that I plan to start in the new year. Now that I'm home writing books full-time, my habits have changed. Some of those habits are good - some not. I am cooking more and eating out less. I also spend too much time on Facebook and Pinterest!

And there's also that yummy recipe for sweet bread that I know I'll make. Bread is my downfall. I LOVE bread!And now that we're writing a pie shop mystery, I find myself craving pie!

Anyway, the year is stretched out before me like a golden road. I'm looking forward to each delicious morsel. I hope you are too!

Happy New Year!

Joyce Lavene

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