Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Cake and Cue!

Today is my birthday. I have already had a piece of the wonderful Italian cream cake my mom brought me.
This weekend, my husband is taking me out for a fancy dinner. So, what will I have tonight? I will be eating what I have requested on probably 12 out of my last 20 birthdays.
Nothing sounds better than Ridgewood barbecue! It is a hole-in-the -wall out in the middle of nowhere that do that is a destination for barbecue enthusiasts far and wide.
If you are every down this way, you gotta try Ridgewood! People Magazine, Southern Living and many others have sung its praises, so ya know it's not just a local girl being partial, Ridgewood has some good cue!
Another thing people like from Ridgewood, besides barbecue, is their homemade blue cheese dressing. I have seen lots of people with a bowl of it on their talble, dipping saltine crackers in it and smiling with every bite.     


Marian Allen said...

Happy birthday, Lisa! And have some ribs for me!


Anonymous said...

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