Monday, November 5, 2012

Thanksgiving Day Blues by Joyce Lavene

It's about that time of year again - time for the Thanksgiving Day blues.

Don't misunderstand me. I LOVE Thanksgiving! I love all the food that we only eat at this time of year. I love being with all of my family. I love all the traditions that go with making all the food. It's great!

The problem is that our family has outgrown a normal dining room size. Every year, the event gets bigger, which is great. Children marry and have their own children. Boyfriends and girlfriends come shyly to meet everyone. Then about this time of year, my brother calls me and says, "I think I need another five seats at the table."

"Five seats?" I ask, wondering where we're going to find that kind of room. "Did you find another family to adopt?"

"No, it's Suzie's friend from college and her mother is going to be alone if she comes with Suzie. You know how it is."

I DO know. But short of renting a VFW hall, I don't know where to put everyone. We're already taking up the living room (moved furniture out) and kitchen, dining room. I guess we could open up a bedroom!

We've tried a park/picnic shelter. Bad weather ruined everything.

My brother's house is even smaller than mine. He offers every year to have the holiday there. I just can't imagine having plates full of dressing, gravy and sweet potatoes in my lap, sitting on the floor or on his sofa.

I'm thinking about renting one of those big tents they use for weddings. That might work. Or maybe we could build on, just for Thanksgiving Day dinner.

Of course, we'd have to expand the kitchen too. Every family cooks and brings a meal with them. I'm not sure where to put the line of turkeys or gravy boats this year - or Aunt Alice and her daughter, for that matter!

A Haunting Vision
By Joyce and Jim Lavene
and Berkley Prime Crime
December 4th!


Gayle said...

I'll stay home on Thanksgiving, Joyce; but next year, you might have to beat me away from your Halloween feast with a stick! (Or a BAT!) ;-)

Kimberlee said...

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