Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Lisa's Book-Mobile is Rolling!

Tis the season to sell books! During the holidays, I offer free delivery within a 25-mile radius of my house. It is so much fun to meet my readers in person. As a bonus, I often wind up selling more books when I deliver to workplaces. Co-workers see me there with books and take advantage of the opportunity to snatch a Christmas gift without fighting the crowds. Since gas prices are high, I piggy-back errands with deliveries. 
So, do you think I could write off a cool, vintage car if I use it for book deliveries? The one pictured would be perfect!


The grandmommy said...

What a cool idea! I really must get disciplined to write again. sighhhh.

Marian Allen said...

Lisa, what an energetic and wonderful way to hand-sell books! I love it! And I'm SURE your accountant would approve the car write-off. :D

Marian Allen
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