Friday, November 30, 2012

Best Websites for Online Food Shopping

Sometimes I hate going grocery shopping. I try to make a marathon trip every two weeks; but I'll invariably need something, stop at the store to get it, and wind up spending way more than I'd intended.

I love shopping online, so I sometimes find some terrific deals on food. One caveat applies: make sure you consider shipping options and delivery times. There's nothing worse than buying hard-to-find low-carb bread only to have it arrive moldy. Of course, if the mix-up wasn't your fault, be sure and document the way the package arrived and the receipt stating that you ordered expedited or special shipping.

Here is a Top Ten Online Grocery Website List from

1) Alice

2) Amazon Grocery

3) My Supermarket

4) Fresh Direct - I couldn't get a link to this site to work. I'm not sure if it was a temporary thing or if the site has gone down permanently. The website stated that there was a limited delivery area in NYC.

5) Net Grocer

6) All SuperStore

7) ShopFoodEx

8) ExpatExpress

9) GoBio!

10) Safeway

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