Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Team Building with a Literary Twist

This morning I am doing a team building session with a group of doctors, nutritionists and social workers. So, how does an author approach team building? I am pulling out a literary term. I am speaking about point of view.
Here is on of the exercises I will be doing to help illustrate that point of view affects how we see things:
1) I will toss a raw egg into a glass bowl.
2) Participants will be asked "What happened? What are your feelings about it?"
3) Participants will be divided into 5 groups and given cards. Each card will ask them to consider what they witnessed from a different perspective. My 5 cards are:    homeless person
someone with an egg allergy     chicken that laid the egg       an omelette chef
the custodian who cleans room we are using
4) Groups present answers from various points of view.

Wish me luck!

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