Monday, October 29, 2012

Our Halloween Party Feast!

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October 31st
By Joyce Lavene

Halloween in the Renaissance Faire:
Murder and ghosts!

As I said in my last blog, every year just before Halloween, we have a huge feast with all the fun, scary food we can think of.

I want to thank everyone who sent me such great ideas for my food this year.

I made swamp punch and a graveyard of taco bean dip and green dip for chips.

We also had a pumpkin spewing macaroni salad, eyeball deviled eggs, ghost toast and dipping sauce, bones and sauce and a pumpkin cheese ball.

We always have the cauldron bubbling with dry ice. Snakes and spiders float around in the green and orange mixture. Everyone has to be careful not to eat them!

Hope you are enjoying your Halloween season too!

Joyce Lavene