Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Hunting Island

Do you ever think it would be neat to be a castaway? I don't think I would want to do it long-term, but a few days on a deserted island might be paradise!
Last week, Todd and I made a trip to the South Carolina coast. Our vacation included a stop on Hunting Island. The island is a park with many acres of rustic beach property.  
The main feature of the park is the lighthouse. Inside of the lighthouse are many artifacts and documents that describe the history of the lighthouse and the life of a lighthouse keeper.
All around the lighthouse were buildings and marked spots that showed where lighthouse keepers and their families lived, rasied gardens, etc. It was a lonely, hard life. They were literally cut off from the outside world.
While touring Hunting Island, all sorts of stories were inspired! If I decide to write one of these stories, I may have to make a return trip. Oh, what we must sometimes endure in the name of research! 
I don't think they allow people to spend the night on Hunting Island, but my stories might include some kind of extended stay. Who knows what kind of mysterious, amazing things happen out there at night? 

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