Monday, October 8, 2012

Acorn Squash! Yum!

I love acorn squash! I love its color and its texture.

It might be good any time of year but I only eat it in the fall. And then only with my son, Christopher.

You see, he's the only other person in my family that likes acorn squash. So about this time of year, we come up with a day and time. He brings some fabulous soup he's concocted and I make acorn squash brimming with brown sugar and butter.

Absolutely not healthy at all, except for the squash itself, of course.

This is comfort food for me. I grew up with my grandmother making it for the whole family when I was a kid. She made it every autumn after going to my great-grandmother's farm and picking a bunch of them. They were sooo good!

My recipe for these is very simple. Get an acorn squash. Cut it in half. Clean out the seeds and goo like you do a pumpkin for a jack o lantern.

I put them in a baking pan with a little water then add all the brown sugar and butter I can cram into them without it spilling over. I bake for about an hour at 350 degrees. The tops turn a little brown.

Digging into one is like sitting at the dinner table with my grandmother in Chicago where I grew up. Only now, I'm the grandmother.

It strikes me that I have to introduce my grandchildren to this delight. Even though my kids don't like squash, that doesn't mean their kids won't. right?

Joyce Lavene
Buried By Buttercups

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