Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Stroke of Genius or Act of Sabotage?

Could you say "no" to this face? I hoping readers will be drawn to me because of my cute companion. Skylar will either draw customers in, or scare them away!  
Next Thursday, I will be bringing Skylar along to a book signing. This is her first time accompanying me to such an event. If she is well-behaved, she will be charming. If she is in a bad mood, all of her toddler fury may be unleashed! Customers will either say "she's adorable" or "she's a spit-fire".
If you live in my area, come by: "Lunch Break with the Authors"
Thursday, August 23 from 12-2 @ Atlantis (240 E. Main St. in Downtown Johonson City)
This event is free and includes refreshments!   

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Unknown said...

Good luck with Skylar!