Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My Dream Writing Retreat

Last week, my family did our yearly Hilton Head vacation. We had so much fun building sand castles, playing in the waves and spending time with our family.
The island was quite crowded last week, but will soon become much less crowded and more laid back. We once went to Hilton Head in Septemeber, and the vibe was completely different than in the summer.
On one of my morning walks, I began dreaming of what it would be like to come down to Hilton Head by myself in the off-season, for the soul purpose of finishing a manuscript. I imagined heavenly quiet, long morning walks to clear my head, and days spent on the beach with my lap top. For breaks, I could take myself out for a quick dinner. Of course, I would miss my family terribly, but I think I could get more writing done in a week than I can in six at home.
Oh well, it does not hurt to dream. You guys think such a trip could be a tax write-off?         

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