Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Back that Thang Up!

That "thang" I am referring to is your manuscript. Many fists have been banged, expletvies uttered and tears shed by writers who have lost their hard work.
This week, I thought it had happened to me. My laptop is getting up in age, and is becoming a bit tempermental. After a somewhat productive day of writing, I took a break. My computer was left running. Later, when I came back to save my work and shut down for the night; the screen had gone blank. After doing some things that I probably should not have (improper shutdowns, pulling out the battery, etc.) my computer screen once again showed visible graphics.
This incident was a reminder that I need to back my work up on a more regular basis. I like to use two methods of backing up my work. I save things on disks and I also email the files to myself. Then, I save the emails.
Writer friends, what is your favorite way to back that thang up! .     


Marian Allen said...

I usually have everything on my desktop and my laptop and a thumb drive, and I'm seriously considering going into the Cloud.

One of my manuscripts was lost to an early PC that stored (or, in this case, didn't store) data on tape drives. Fortunately, I had printed an earlier draft out and could type it all in again and go from there. On a new computer.

Marian Allen
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Susan Flett Swiderski said...

Like Marian, I keep my work on a laptop, PC, thumb drives, and disc. (Which works great as long as I remember to keep the drives and discs updated frequently.)

Unknown said...

I think it happens to everyone at one time or another, Lisa. I religiously back up.