Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Oh no! NOT the Coffee Maker!

We had some BAD storms last night. After a restless night of being awaken by lightening, thunder, rain, wind and a frightened child; my morning cup of coffee was going to be a welcomed indugence.
So, I flipped the switch on my coffee maker, and NOTHING! All I got was a blink, faint flashing from the controls and then it was dead. I immediately began trying various outlets, thinking that perhaps a circuit had been blown in the storm. After realizing that everything else on my counter worked, I knew that it was time to throw my beloved, trusted coffee maker away.
Now, I have two decisions. I am seriously thinking about cutting back on my coffee; starting today. I hate it that I am one of those people who feel like they cannot ever go without a cup of coffee. This plan to possibly give up coffee for the day is driven more by the fact that, after several days of going out of town, and running around to do errands; I seriously need an errand-free day. Since I know that I have to do some errands tommorrow, it is kind of silly for me to run out just to get a new coffee maker. Or, is it? I may suffer some major headaches from withdrawal! Will a pounding  headache just have me replacing coffee with a bunch of Diet Coke or tea?  
My second decision is, what kind of coffee maker should I buy. Since it is something I use everyday (unless I cut back on coffee today) I do not care to splurge a little. Or, should I do a simple French press? Any suggestions?
As my closing remark, I know that I am so lucky to suffer no more storm damage than a destroyed coffeemaker. My prayers go out to those who did not fare as well.         

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Marian Allen said...

You might want to consider an Aeropress. I have a friend who has one, and it does make a fine cup of coffee. It might be just right for you, since it makes one cup at a time, so you could more easily control how much you drink during the day. You could grab a French press or a coffeemaker if you expected company.

Marian Allen
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