Friday, July 20, 2012

Grilled Pizza?

I'd never thought of pizza as something to "throw on the grill" before; but after seeing this post, I became intrigued and decided to check this concept out a little more. Apparently, if you have a pizza grilling stone, you're good to go.

An site dedicated to grilling and barbecue declares that there's no better way to cook pizza than on the grill. Their list of top-ten grilled pizzas include: Greek, feta and tomato, pepperoni, Italian sausage and bell pepper, pita pizzas, spicy sausage, pulled pork, Philly-style white pizza, Southwestern, and Mexican.

Food Network has Mario Batali's Grilled Pizza Margarita recipe, and it also has Emeril Lagasse's lobster, goat cheese, and scallion California-style grilled pizza recipe.

Have you ever grilled a pizza? If so, how did it turn out?

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Unknown said...

Love pizza on the grill! We started eating it this way when our power went out once and that's all we had to eat.