Monday, July 23, 2012

Eating from the farmer's market

I love to stop at roadside farmer's markets over the summer and into the fall. This is the freshest produce you will ever find, short of picking them out of your own garden.

Right now, my tomatoes are growing but not quite ready to eat. The farmer's market just up the street has plenty of fresh tomatoes from gardeners and farmers around me. There are also peppers, sweet corn, watermelon and cataloupe. Later, as summer wanes, there will be pumpkins, peanuts and cabbage.

People love to gather in these open air markets and talk about what's going on locally. There's no talk here of who is running for president or the war in Afghanistan. We talk about work being done at the school or the bridge that's closed on Hwy. 601. There's talk that the pizza place will shut down in the fall and move to the next town over.

And will Marvin Jenkins grow a ribbon-winning turnip this year? Last year's was more than 5 pounds!

It's a different way to shop for food. I know it would be limiting, but I wish we could buy all of our food this way. No stickers to tell you where the food came from - the woman who grew the purple hybrid tomatoes is standing right next to them. She'll probably even tell you how she did it.

Joyce Lavene
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Marian Allen said...

You are so right! We have a county-wide farmers market twice a week, and I hate to miss one. I would absolutely shop for local produce every day, if I could. As you say, it's not just the fresh food, it's the community. :)

Marian Allen
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Unknown said...

It's a whole other lifestyle, isn't it, Marian?