Monday, June 11, 2012

Time To Try Something A Little Different! By Joyce Lavene

Something a little different

Have you ever eaten a day lily?

That's right - those orange and yellow lilies that grow in your yard.

The buds aren't only edible, they're quite good in stir fry or battered and deep fried. They are kind of like a pea pod in flavor, very light and crispy when fresh. You have to pick the pods when you first see them ready to get the full flavor. You can also eat the flowers.

I can't tell much difference between the yellow variety and the orange. The pods kind of pop when you bite into them and the flavor bursts into your mouth.

There are many kinds of flowers that are edible including violets, roses and nasturtium. Each has its own flavor. People have eaten these for centuries, or longer, when there was no vast array of fresh fruits and vegetables at the nearby store.

I suggest you try your own day lily pods or at least ask your neighbor before borrowing some. Also - never go out into the wild and start munching, unless you know what you're doing. There are many plants out there that might look like others you've eaten, but they can be a poisonous variety.

Our forensic botanist, Peggy Lee, from the Peggy Lee Garden Mysteries knows a lot about such things. She also knows a lot about other botanical poisons that she doesn't let bad guys get away with in her stories!

To eat day lily pods:

Just pick a few and add to a stir fry with other vegetables. Saute lightly and you're done.

For flowers or pods:

You can make a batter of 1 cup flour, 1/2 cup water, milk or beer (if you're feeling adventurous). Add salt and pepper or other spices to taste. Mix these together. Have a deep fry getting hot as you do. Put the flowers or pods into the batter until they are coated then drop into the hot oil. When the batter is a light brown, they are done. Excellent at a party where you can surprise guests by telling them what they've just eaten!

The Peggy Lee Garden Mysteries
By Joyce and Jim Lavene
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