Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Take a Week Off!

This is the week for Vacation Bible School at my church. Besides working with a fun group of kids, one of the greatest perks for Bible School volunteers is that nightly meals are provided for us and our kids. So, for six nights, I am not cooking dinner! As much as I love to cook, it has been awfully nice to be out of the kitchen on these hot days. Besides the time I normally spend preparing meals, I am amazed how much time it has saved in clean-up and grocery shopping. Best of all, I think I will really look forward to cooking dinners again next week. My suggestion to all of the family cooks out there is to give yourself a week off. Stock up on sandwich and salad stuff, pull out those frozen meals and go to your favorite restaurants. It may be a week of bliss for you busy home cooks!

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